Barbeque flavour food additive


Barbeque is the oldest meat dish. If you right cook it, you will get golden brown on each toothsome steak.

Barbeque flavour food additive of the trade mark “Doktor vkus” helps you to cook tasty and aromatic pork, mutton, chicken barbeque.

Recommendations for use: spread the food additive over the steaked meat, do not add salt, put onion rings and leave it for marinating. It is recommended to take 30-4g of the food additive per 1 kg of meat.

Sphere of use:
Poultry Pork Mutton Grill
Ingredients:salt, spices (coriander, tumeric, ground red chili pepper, ground black pepper, sesame seeds), dried vegetables (bulb onion, sweet red pepper), flavor intensifier Е 621, dried greens (basil, dill, parsley)
Packing type:metallized film
Net weight:15 g
Shipping package:corrugated box 124*335*155
Input:60 pieces in a box
Normative documentation:TC 9199-016-56367416-04
Expiry date:24 months
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